10 Absolutely Mean Cats That Deserve The Title Of “Worst Cats Of The Year”


Cats are called selfish, mean and pets who only care for themselves. It is not proved that they are any of this. But here are some cats that have certainly won the title of the worst cats of the year. Meet these pawsome cats and decide for yourself if they truly deserve this title or not!


Cats always have one way or the other to get done what they want. You can try and act smart, but the felines will always be smarter.


Cats make sure that they do everything purrfectly, even when it comes to being the worst.


Cats know who to side with when there is a fight in the house. You are really lucky if the cat sides with you.


A cat always knows how to wake up his hooman in the middle of the night when it is hungry.

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Living with a cat is not at all easy, but it is totally worth it.

Not sure if these are the world’ worst cats or not, but they are really good at making everyone laugh. Cats are always busy doing what they like even if it means creating trouble for their hoomans. The felines know that at the end everything will be happy and sound.


Don’t go for the adorable look. A cat is always trying to fool you and get something out of it. You better be really careful while at it.


Cats may wear down with them, but their cattitude remains the same always. The felines are really stubborn and you can’t change them, so better don’t think about it.


“You have work to do hooman. How can you sit there and relax, while I starve. Now get up quickly before I pounce at you.”


When your cat is this cute, it doesn’t hurt to get up early in the morning and feet him. “It’s alright, little kitty. Food will be served within minutes.”


There’s more to come. It’s just the beginning. Brace yourself for it!

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