10 Cats Being Silly And Doing Funny Things


It’s interesting how cats do silly things at all times and find nothing weird about it. Maybe our cats think that we are the ones who do silly stuff all the time and keep wasting our time. Well, we will never know what our cats think, but we can surely laugh at them.

Here are some pawsome cats doing silly and funny things. We bet you won’t be able to stop laughing at them. Have a look!


This cat likes its bathrobe. Cats may not like to take a bath, but they definitely love getting everyone’s attention.


Cats know how to fit in purrfectly. Look at this little kitty. He has got the purrfect place.


This cat does not know why everyone keeps staring at her fur. It’s absolutely original. Cats don’t fake anything till the time it involves fooling their hoomans.


Some cats are all about head bumps.

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There is definitely something special in this purse that these cats are protecting.

These cats have either found a treasure in this bag or their hooman is about to find something weird in the bag. Cats are always on something or the other. They love to mess things up for their hoomans and also make them laugh. It could be either of the two at this moment. What do you think it will be? Guess and let us know in the comments.


This cat has a comfortable place to sleep. If you don’t want your cat to take a nap in your lap, you know what to do.


This cat was trying to steal some bananas and his hooman caught him just in time.


“My cat sits and watches TV just like humans. He thinks that this is completely fine because he has seen me doing this.”


Anything to fit inside a box. The unsolved mystery of cats and boxes.


This cat’s hooman took him to the park and put him in the swing. Look how adorable he looks.

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