10 Cats Who Forgot That They Were Supposed to Be a Source of Cuteness


Cats are naturally adorable and cute. Tell them to act cute and they will give you complete opposite of it. Cats don’t like it when someone else demand something out of them. They always like to follow their own heart and do as they like. Cat hoomans have to always be ready with their camera to capture their cats at the right moment. Even if you are late by a few seconds, the pawsome moment will be long gone before you know it.

Here are some hilarious cats who forgot that they were supposed to be a source of cuteness. Have a look!


This cat has no clue what it looks like to be cute. All it knows is to act weird and strange. “Cuteness! What’s that? Never heard of it before. Let’s do weird instead.”


“Hi hooman, I was taking some sunlight. Do you want to join me? There is enough space for you.”


A moment after this picture was clicked, the cat bit his hooman’s hand. “How dare you touch me without my permission! I have some rights too.”


When you try to get a decent picture of your cat and this is what you get. “Hi hooman, is this scary enough?”

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“I am not in a mood to do cute today. Let me try my weird look instead. It’s my go to look.”


Hooman: I want to take a good picture of you. Act cute now.

Cat: This is all I have. Take it or leave it.


When you ask your cat to smile and it roars instead. “This is the only thing that they teach in cat school. You have to do with this now. I will ask them to train me how to smile later.”


Cats maybe know for being adorable, but this is their usual look.


“Left my cat alone outside and this is what I caught him doing.”


This cat is surely not happy with the way his hooman is holding him. Just look at his expressions!

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