10 Fluffy Felines That Don’t Care About Manners


Cats have never cared much about the rules of the human society. If they have to do something in a certain way, then they will do it. Cats never expect anyone to accept them. They have always been exclusive and wouldn’t change t for anyone.

Here are some fluffy felines that don’t care about manners at all. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and you will know why.


When your cat falls in love with your boyfriend at first sight and you become her biggest enemy. “Stay away from this handsome hooman or I will leave big scratch marks on your face.”


The cat just wanted to take a bite and see if it was good enough for its hooman. Mission accomplished!


When people say that they hate cats and end up with two of them, it’s purely cat magic.


Winters are here and this cat is making sure that his hooman doesn’t get cold. Back aches are fine, but cold is not.

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When you can’t find your cat, just get a pizza and it will appear within seconds. Cats can smell warm food from miles away and even the cabinet they are hiding inside.

Cats don’t care if you have to eat the pizza that they are sitting on. They won’t move till the time it’s all cold.


It becomes quite difficult to work when you have an adorable cat as your companion. “Take a leave today, hooman. We can be lazy and take a good nap together.”


Nobody gets the cats attention when his hooman dad is back home. “How was your day, hooman? I hope nobody talked rudely to you. Tell me if it is so.”


Cats may not know how to do anything, but they will always support you.


Meet the two gentlemen in the house! You won’t be able to take your eyes away from them.


This is what all cats do when he is left outside. “I still exit hooman. I am not leaving you ever. Take me back in now.”

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