10 Naughty Cats Shamed For Their Actions (New Pics)


Cats hardly ever think how their actions will affect others. it doesn’t matter to them if others will judge them or shame them for it.  All cats care about is having fun and doing what they love. Nothing else concerns them. But it seems that the cat hoomans are not okay with this thing. So they decided to shame their cats publicly for all their evil actions.

Here are some naughty cats who were shamed for their actions. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and we bet you will have a good laugh!


A cat needs to do something big and daring when his voice is not heard. “This is my house too and I shall get to decide how I want to live my life.”


Cats are not happy that their hoomans keep on clearing out all their hidden trash. It’s a treasure for them.


“No means no! Why don’t you get it at once? My hooman won’t listen till the time I destroy something in the house.”


Cats don’t like it when their hoomans tell them how to eat. “It’s our job. Let us manage it on our own!”

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This is what cats are supposed to do. You are not supposed to shame them for this.

A cat got to do what needs to be done. You can’t stop it in any manner. So better keep quiet and carry on.


A cat knows to how to protect its belongings. “Nobody touches my stuff or I will bite!”


“There goes your shopping list hooman. Happy shopping! I will make sure to lock the door from inside and not let you in when you are back.”


“The pet deposits were made for a reason. You are not supposed to get them back.”


Cats can eat anything when they are hungry. They always have some backup food.


Cats always cover up for each other. They don’t tell on each other, so don’t even try.

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