10 Pawsome Cat Memes To Party The Old Fashion Way On Caturday


New year is here and everyone wants to start it on a good note. But the celebrations are always incomplete without our pawsome felines. When you don’t have a cat in your home, tap on some cat memes and you will be good to go.

Here are some pawsome cat memes to party the old fashion way on caturday. Have a look and go party!


Never ever argue with a cat or you will always end up crying.


Cats have a strange equation with their hoomans. They do not follow the rules made by their hoomans. In fact, cats make their own rules.


“These hoomans use some magic paste to make their teeth look white. I tried it today and the result was pawsome.”


This cat truly understands what everyone went through in 2020. We are in this together.

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Cats will say mean things so that you don’t leave them alone and it works every time.

Cat memes are impossible not to laugh at. The only aim that cats have in life is spread pawsomeness around and fill everyone’s life with happiness. Felines do strange things to make their hoomans laugh. Everyone may call cats weird and strange, but cats never get offended. They only focus on the good things in life.


Even angry plants can be tamed, but cats can’t be tamed. You may call your cat a domestic cat, but it is nothing more than a tag. Cats always do what they feel like doing.


When you want a quite date, take your cat out and you will have the best time ever.


“Cat temples are meant to be this way. You never got it right.”


When cats decide to get a hairstyle, they won’t settle for less. It has to be purrfect.


“So what if I have already had lots of chicken. If I want to eat more, just give it to me. What’s the big deal about it! Hoomans and their stupid logic.”

10 Pawsome Cat Memes To Start A Happy New Year

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