10 Pets Who Are So Moody, Only Their Owners Can Handle Them


It’s not an easy task to handle a pet. Only their hoomans are talented enough to take care of their mood swings and understand what they want. Pets go through a dozen of moods throughout the day and the worst part is that they can’t even talk about it. So their hoomans have to make out through their actions what they want. This is not at all easy, but totally worth it.

Here are pawsome pets who are so moody that only their hoomans can handle them. Have a look and find out what it’s like to have pets!


Cats learn everything to make things easy for their hoomans.


When you use sensor alarms and spray bottles to keep your cat off the kitchen counter, but he finds a way to stay on it.


When you try to help your furry friend, but she starts using it as a way to get what she wants. Pets are clever and they know how to manipulate their hoomans.


Never get a glass desk when you have a pet at home. Your pet will find a new way to torture you with its adorable innocent eyes.

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When your pets take over your fridge and you have nothing better to do, but just sit and watch.

We told you that it won’t be easy, but everyone needs this kind of pawsomeness in their lives.


Either the cat will get hurt or you will break your leg trying to save it. There is no other option.


This cat has found the smartest way to get everyone’s attention. “No internet, no distraction. All attention is mine.”


When your cat tries to find a comfortable place to sleep and destroys the house property in the process.


Cats always have the best intentions for you. Never doubt them. If they are acting weird, then something is not right.


Keep a cat who loves to eat and it will always get back to you.

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