10 Photos Proving That the World Belongs to Cats


There is no doubt that the world belongs to the cat and they rule it. But some people still think that this is not so. How can cats rule the world when they don’t even know how to speak? Well, cats can do a lot of things just by giving you a look. Cats are all knowing and very powerful creatures. They choose their own hoomans and take care of them throughout their life.

Here are some cat pictures that proves that the world belongs to cats. Have a look at these pawsome pictures and you will agree with us too!


The cat’s reflection on the brick wall shows how precious these fluff balls are to us. Till the time felines are with us, they will let no trouble touch us.


When your cat is angry at you and all you can see is his angry face. “What are you staring at hooman? I won’t forgive you for this.”


The throne belongs to the cat. It always has. People just don’t know it yet.


Cats have also left their mark on the candy corn. There is more to be discovered. Keep looking and you will know.

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When you have a black cat in home, it’s always difficult to make out if it’s your cat or a piece of clothing. Look closely at this picture and tell us what it is.

Cats are an expert at hiding. Even when they are in plain sight, it is difficult to find them.


When you have a sudden moment of cat enlightenment while drinking coffee. Cats have been ruling the world since ages.


Special effect cat paws on the ceiling. Cats know how to make things happen.


The cat has approved the banana. You can eat it now.


Is there a cat trying to hide behind the water heater or is it just our imagination? Can you see the eyes of a cat too?


When you see your cat’s silhouette on the door, know that it is planning to kill you.

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