10 Pictures Of Christmas Cat Photoshopped Hilariously


Cats are known for being extremely creative. Their hoomans are no less than their cats. Cats do their job of being pawsome and cat hoomans spread their pawsomeness in this world. The Christmas cat was photo shopped and the results are very hilarious. Cats don’t like it when Christmas tree becomes the center of attraction in the house. They make sure that they destroy it as soon as possible. Nothing can take a cat’s place in their hooman’s life. Even though cats get a little insecure when the Christmas trees come around, they will always be their hooman’s first choice. In fact, cat hoomans will always choose their cats over anything else.

Here is the original cat picture that was photoshopped!

Here are some pawsome pictures of Christmas cat photoshopped hilariously. We bet you won’t be able to stop laughing!


This time you can’t win the battle because it’s the big cat that you are fighting against.


The Meowians will get the world rid of all the dog people. Beware of the cat!


“My lord, I hope I made you happy this time.” You don’t make the cats happy, it’s the other way round.

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The cat lord is looking over everything. He will protect you. Keep your faith!


When the cat guards the fort, you either surrender or die. There is no other way out.


The cat king of entertainment is here. Have fun!


And you shall burn in hell for trying to bring the cat down.


When your cat hides your most precious thing and you find it in his treasure of hidden things. “I have been looking over it for you. You can have it back.”


“You are almost there. You can do much better than this. I will have to train you once again.”


When the world is in trouble, cat always comes to the rescue.

We know you must be really thrilled to see all these pawsome pictures. Don’t forget to share!

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