A Girl That Devoted the Last 12 Years to Learning About Cats Reveals a Lot About This Fluffy Kingdom


It’s not a single day task to understand cats. People can’t get what their cats want even after living them with them for ages. Cats like to stay unpredictable and surprise everyone.

Meet Alisa Kirichenko, a felinologist, who has researched on cats for years.

She started getting close to cats twelve years ago. Her parents moved into a new place and kept the policy of no pets in their home. But Alisa had other plans. She showed the picture of a beautiful Maine Coon to her mother and convinced her to adopt it.

Here’s the beautiful Maine Coon adopted from Alisa and her family. The kitten was originally from Poland.

It was just the beginning and the cat family grew with time. Alisa really loved cats and she knew that she wanted to become a cat expert. Felinologists study about cats’ genes, their health and all about different mutations.

Cats may be unpredictable and controversial, but they are super interesting. Alisa started studying cats and became a breeder after some time. She realized that being a felinologist was not her thing. Now, she oversees some shelters.

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Alisa also clarified some things about cats. Maine Coons are not as big as people think. An adult male Maine Coon weighs between 15-19 lbs, while the female one weighs between 9-18 lbs. These cats are also great with new born babies and are also knows as babysitter cats.

Alisa said that the British Shorthair are becoming very popular lately. The Golden chinchilla is the most popular color right now.

If you want to differentiate between a Scottish and a British cat, then look at their bodies and cheeks. While the Scottish cats have rounder faces, the British cats have big cheeks.

The Russian Blue cats have elongated faces. They are also independent and calm just like the British cats.

The Oriental cats have triangle shaped heads and elongated bodies.

There are a lot of different kinds of cats and all of them are super interesting. The more you get to know cats, the more you will fall in love with them.

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