“This Is Not My Cat” Moments Where Cats Adopted Their Owners


Cats are very smart pets and they always know what’s good for them. this not only involves choosing the right thing to eat or the right place to sleep, but choosing their purrfect owners as well. Once they find the right owners for themselves, there is nothing else to do. Walking through someone’s heart and convincing a person to adopt them is what cats are expert at.

Here are some “this is not my cat” moments where the cats adopted their owners. Have a look at these pictures if you want to know how cats work their charm. Maybe you are also about to get trapped soon!


A place made for a cat will be used by a cat only. It doesn’t matter if it’s your cat or not.


When you find a cat on your sofa, it is your cat now. Don’t ask the cat to leave. It is very rude.


“You said that I will be able to get through the window this time. It still doesn’t work. Do something about it!”


A cat is always jealous of any another pet enters their home. “I already live here. We don’t need you, so you can leave.”

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A cat only enters a house with the intention to stay. You can’t just ask it to leave when it enters on his own will.


When the neighbor’s cat keep on visiting you for treats, he just wants to tell you to adopt him. He is done with the neighbors already.


Cats can share if the need be. You don’t have to worry about any of it.


You should be glad that your efforts have paid off well. Congratulations! You have two cats now.


The cat is not screaming. It is asking you to open the door so that it can enter.


A cat can hide anywhere. The felines also know how to convince you to adopt them. You won’t even realize it till you bring the cat home.

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