Top 10 Cat Memes of The Week


Cat memes have always been the best way to rescue anyone from boredom. With the ongoing pandemic and lockdown situation, everyone needs something to keep themselves entertained. If you are a cat hooman and always have your cat around, consider yourself the luckiest among the lot. But if that is not the situation, then you are not too far away from pawsomeness. You just need to seek cats and they will find a way to reach you. If you are reading this right now, then you have been surely looking for cats.

Here are some pawsome cat memes to keep you going through your bring lives. Have a look now!


You can learn quite a lot from this mistake.


When your cat tries to warn you of the dangerous beast, but you do know cat language. “My hooman knows nothing. Now I will have to deal with the situation myself.”


When your cat wants to know everything about the book that you are reading and you can’t believe that it is happening for real.


When the cat is in-charge, you need not worry about anything.

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Some authors write like they know you. Does this happen to you too? Well, this cat quite agrees with us.

See you didn’t even realize how you forgot about all your worries after looking at these hilarious cat memes. Cats always have a solution to every problem. Most of the times, cats are the solutions to your problems.


When all you can think about is the delicious food in your favorite restaurant.


When a cat hooman knows the exact way to pet his cat, he should be given an award for it. This almost never happens.


Cats hate to wait outside and get really angry. Better keep the door open when your cat is outside.


The cat has the purrfect expressions for the situation.


There are some moments when even cats need a break from their pawsome lives. Somethings are too much too handle.

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